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195 50 15 82V Kormoran Road Performance Tyre

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Now: €59.99
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Fuel Efficiency:
Wet Grip:
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Product Description

195/50R15 82V 

 Kormoran Road Performance Tyre

Kormoran is a European made tyre and part of the Michelin group. AutoFastFit has been selling Kormoran tyres for many years. Kormoran offers excellent value for money and performance. Kormoran by AutoFastFit is a superb tyre in dry and dry conditions. 

Advanced wear performances

  • Optimized tread and casing construction
  • Increased tread depth and improved rigidity of the tread blocks

Optimized fuel consumption

  • New Silica compound based tread pattern

Easy to control at any speed

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern design with rigid ribs

Strong performances on wet and dry road surfaces

  • Wet performance: 
    Longitudinal and transversal grooves 
  • Dry performance: 
    Silica compound and stable shoulder blocks with grabbing edge 


  • Kormoran by Michelin 
  • Best Seller 
  • Great Price Point 
  • Next day delivery - Nationwide 
  • Reliability
  • Robustness
  • Long-term performance
  • Winter mobility : M+S and 3PMSF on Drive tyres



Kormoran by AutoFastFit is manufactured by Poland's leading tyre manufacturer Stomil Olsztyn. With 28 years of experience in the tyre manufacturing industry, Kormoran has gained good reputation among people. Its ever-increasing share in truck and bus tyre market makes it a major player in the industry. Manufactured by a subsidiary of the world's greatest tyre manufacturer Michelin, Kormoran has established for itself a strong base in the European market. It has sold over 1,000,000 tyres within five years of its acquisition by Michelin. Quality output at affordable prices - this has been the unique selling proposition of Kormoran. With good tread and traction, Kormoran's tyres are superior in performance at all seasons - be it scorching summer or nail-biting winter.