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Bumper Repair Kit- Bumper Paint & Plastic Primer/Filler (Grey)

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Product Description

Bumper Repair Kit- Bumper Paint & Plastic Primer/Filler


Plastic Primer/Filler - U-POL Plast - Plastic Repair


Fast drying primer for all plastics with filling properties.

How to use:

1.Shake can before use

2.Spray light coats, distance of 30cm each coat of paint 3 minutes apart

4.Sand with 400 grit sand paper after 20 mins

5.Clean using PLAST'X' plastic cleaner and cloth, allow to dry.


Car Systems Bumper Paint Grey

Bumper Spray black or grey is for the optical improvement of old weather-beaten or damaged plastic parts and is used for repair purposes. It can be applied on the following plastic surfaces: PP, PPEPDM, ABS.

1.The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease

2.Can be applied directly to the bumper

3.Shake for 2 minutes and do a tester patch.

4.Spray distance 25-30cm from surface

5.Apply in several layers

6.Processing temperature 15-25 degrees celcius

7.Dust dry after 20 to 30 minutes

Will be hardened after 24 hours

Bumper Paint Spray black or grey is suitable for the repair or optical improvement of plastic bumpers and parts. The original structure of the bumper remains unchanged. The Bumper Paint Spray can be applied directly to the plastic without previous priming because of special additives. With its excellent covering, professional wide angle spraying nozzle and good economy of use, it allows the quick and simple painting of even larger areas.



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