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Gater 720P HD Dashcam- 8GB Memory Card Included

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Now: €87.12
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Product Description

Gater 720P HD Dashcam- 8GB Memory Card Included

A Gator GDVR200 Dash Camera is the new and improved great value option that ensures you're covered in case of an accident on the road. The Generalplus GPL1247 chipset provides superior quality recording at 720p with a 120-degree horizontal viewing angle to ensure that you have clear and detailed footage should anything happen when you're driving. This compact dashcam features a 2" screen that you that makes menu navigation and video playback simple, without obstructing your vision with windscreen clutter.

This car dash cam comes with an 8GB memory card to get you started and supports anything up to 32GB in size, allowing you to store more recorded footage at any given time before loop recording kicks in. This looping feature allows you to record almost indefinitely, looping back to the beginning and deleting the oldest files to make room for new ones when the memory card becomes full to save you time and money constantly replacing SD cards filled with non-essential footage.

To ensure you never lose any essential footage, this dash camera features an inbuilt G-sensor capable of automatically saving a video file when it senses an impact or big momentum shift that can only be deleted manually by you. The automatic recording function turns the camera on and off when you start the engine to ensure you never miss a moment by forgetting to press record. This camera is suitable for both 12V and 24V systems, so don't leave things up to chance, grab yourself a Gator Dashcam and make sure you've got the proof if you're ever in a sticky situation.


  • New and improved Generalplus GPL1247 chipset on-board supports higher quality recording compared to other 720p models
  • High definition recording captures vital footage in an emergency
  • Automatic power function starts recording as soon as you turn the car accessory port on
  • Compact design with 2" screen lets you see everything ahead of you without taking up massive windscreen space
  • 120 Degree wide angle lens makes sure you don't miss a thing
  • Loop recording function overlaps old footage to give you almost limitless recording time
  • 8GB Micro SD card included in the pack with support for up to 32GB
  • Inbuilt G-sensor locks blocks of footage when impact is detected to ensure you don't lose important files
  • Mini USB port provides 12V/24V charging and data transfer options for downloading onto your computer
  • *Dash cam requires a constant power supply; battery is only designed for emergency power


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