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Mixra Glass Cleaner - Clear Windscreen 500ml

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Product Description

Mixra Glass Cleaner 500ml

Guaranteed high visibility for safer driving.


Mixra Foam Screen Cleaner has been specially developed to remove blinding traffic film grease, salt and insect deposits from the windscreen, lights, tinted, windows and mirrors.

The powerful foaming agents start to act quickly as soon as they touch the glass to leave clean,non glare visibility.

All seasons aggressive traffic film remover, removes all traffic film, grease and diesel instantly.

Handy size, ideal for glove compartment storage.

Removes Oil & Dirt, Insect Deposits - Grease & Salt. S

pray on Wipe Off cleans IN Seconds. Use in The Home on Cars,Vans, Caravans, Boats any GLASS for a Brilliant Shine


  1. Wet screen with windscreen washers
  2. Shake can well and lightly spray onto exterior of windscreen 
  3. Briefly switch on wipers to leave windscreen crystal clear

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