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OEM Built-in Brake Light Camera - Fiat(Ducato, Relay, Boxer)

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Now: €139.00
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Product Description

Built-in Brake Light Camera -

Fits Fiat(Ducato, Relay, Boxer)

This camera fits so well it looks like original equipment

This reversing camera provides a unique solution for drivers requiring a high quality rear view camera solution that also has the benefit of looking, without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing product available on the market.

· Voltage: 12v DC

· Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS

· Aperture: f2.8mm

· Viewing angle: 120°

· 9x IR LEDs

· 7 Meters infra-red distance

· Waterproof to IP67K rating

· E-Approved and marked to ECE Reg7 & Reg10

· Pre-wired with 300mm length of cable

· 4 Pin connector plug fitted

· Dimensions 285mm x 56mm

This bespoke camera replaces the high level brake light, thus keeping the height of the camera below the roof line and saves drilling any holes, which may cause corrosion and water ingress at a later date so warranty issues to worry about! With camera's becoming more common on these vehicle's owing to health and safety requirements, duty of care and limitations with conventional park assist where the rear step is installed, this is the ideal solution.

The ball socket only moves in one plane so is easy to setup and can be adjusted by the end user who would like to fine tune the image to suit their individual requirements. The camera comes with an extension cable, allowing trouble free installation to suit even the longest wheelbase models. This is a completely sealed unit incorporating the brake light and reversing camera so you just unscrew your current high level brake light cluster and screw this one in in its place. Connect the brake light to the wires currently powering it as normal and wire the camera to a reversing light feed to switch it on when you select reverse gear. The camera also incorporates reversing guidelines to help you reverse.

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