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PCL High Pressure Jet Washer 2100W


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Product Description

PCL High Pressure Jet Washer 2100W - induction Motor


This High Pressure Jet Washer with 2100W motor is part of PCL's new powerful and versatile range of Jet Washers. 

Featuring a built-in handle and wheels and integrated cable storage for easy transport and storage. One touch control with its ergonomically designed start/stop switch allows you to stay in control of your cleaning.

Excellent cleaning performance with a tough exterior means your washer is suitable for a wide range of jobs. Ideal for use on windows, cars and trucks, bike and patio/ decking.


Features & Benefits 

  • Easy to move - Built0in handle and wheels means your washer is really easy to manoevre
  • Tidy storage - Integrated cable storage
  • Rugged and durable - Tough exterior and wheels means your washer is suitable for a wide range of jobs
  • Handy on/off - Simple control through easy access on/off switch
  • Integrated cleaning power - Integrated detergent washer means you clean as you spray
  • One-touch control - Stay in control of your cleaning with this ergonomically designed start/stop switch 


  • Maximum Pressure    165 bar
  • Working Pressure       110 bar
  • Flow                          6.0 l/min
  • Induction Motor         2100 W
  • Dimensions                39 x 37 x 79 cm
  • Weight                       20 kg
  • Hose Length              5 m
  • Cable Length            5 m


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