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Pneumatic Diesel Bleeding Kit +Vacuum Fluid - Laser 7184

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Now: €79.80
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Product Description

Pneumatic Diesel Bleeding Kit with Vacuum Fluid Bleeder

The 7184 kit combines the Laser 5780 Vacuum Pneumatic fluid extractor with the 7174 Pneumatic Diesel Bleeding Connector kit to allow fast, effective bleeding and priming of vehicle diesel fuel systems after a filter change or whenever the fuel system has been opened for service or repair. Saving considerable time particularly where entire fuel lines have been emptied during service or repair.

Additional Information

  • Snap connector male and female sizes: - 9.89mm, 9.49mm, 11.8mm, 7.89mm.
  • Utilises standard workshop air systems to generate and maintain a steady vacuum for efficient bleeding and priming.
  • Compatible for use with existing Laser fuel system bleed kits (5262, 5567, 5704). Vacuum Pneumatic fluid extractor also suitable for bleeding brake systems.
  • Significant time saving over hand pump systems.
  • Replacement connectors and additional sizes available from our Connect range of consumable products.


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