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Protectant Wipes - Son of a Gun- 20 Pack-Mini Tub

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Product Description

Protectant Wipes- Son of a Gun- 20 Pack

STP’s Son of a Gun Protectant wipes have been specially formulated to deliver shine and protection without leaving a greasy residue on your hands. Leaving a beautiful high gloss finish STP’s versatile Son of a Gun Protectant Wipes are equally effective on vinyl, rubber, wood, plastic and leather.

 The new packaging has been carefully measured to fit conveniently into both glove compartments and drinks holders. Such quick and easy access means Son of a Gun Protectant Wipes need never be out of reach again!

  • One-step cleaning, shine and protection
  • Multi-purpose marine and automotive uses
  • Great for vinyl, rubber, wood, leather and plastic
  • Protects against the effects of weathering
  • Leaves beautiful deep gloss and shine
  • Fits conveniently in your glove box and drinks holder 


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