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Mini One Front Brake Disc & Pads - 2000 to 2006

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Now: €69.00

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Product Description

Full Set of Front Brake Discs & Pads


Mini One 2000 to 2006

All R56 & R52 Models

Brake Disc - Spec 

Barcode: 5028906079604
Disc Thickness: 22mm
Disc Type: Vented
BrakeFit: SDK6007
Centering Diameter: 64mm
Diameter: 276mm
Min. Thickness: 20.4mm
Qty Mounting Holes: 4
Height: 44mm
R90 Code: 90R - 02C0301/0034
Status: Yes


Brake Pad Spec

Back Laminations: 4 back laminations
Springs: 2 back springs
Barcode: 5028906009564
BrakeFit: PD3066
Height 1: 60mm
Height 2: 59mm
Length 1: 140mm
Manufacturer Restriction: Teves
R90 Code: 90R - 01112/463
Thickness: 18.3mm
Status: Yes


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Fitting Instructions:

  1. Always Fit discs in pairs to ensure balanced braking
  2. Always fit new brake pads along with disc
  3. Always clean the disc before fitting. Apec discs are coated with a anti-corrosive which, if not removed, will contaminate friction material which could impair braking efficiency.
  4. Always ensure bearing are correctly aligned and adjusted.
  5. Always check run-out with a dial gauge, run- out exceeding the manufacturer’s tolerance may cause vibration and brake judder.
  6. Avoid violent braking during the first 100-200 miles to allow pads and discs to bed in correctly. This helps achieve optimum braking.


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