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Super De-Icer Spray -Wurth-500ml | Windscreen De-Icer

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Product Description

Super De-Icer Spray -Wurth-500ml | Windscreen De-Icer

De-icer for vehicle windscreens, melts frost and ice fast with minimal amount of product required.
Protects windows from icing over again
Does not re-freeze like aerosol sprays
Clear view, even if the vehicle interior has yet to reach operating temperature
No laborious scraping the windows clear, Even heavily iced windows are quickly and effectively cleared of ice and white frost

Contents: 500 ml
Weight of content: 460 g
Chemical basis: Ethanol
Smell/fragrance: Citrus
Colour: Blue
pH value: 7.8
Conditions for pH value: at 20°C
Min. flashing point: 21 °C
Density: 0.952 g/cm³
Density conditions: at 20°C
Shelf life from production: 36 Month
AOX-free: Yes
Silicone-free: Yes
Bio-degradable: Yes

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