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Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater - 70,000Btu 20kW

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Product Description

Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater - 70,000Btu 20kW

These diesel heaters use a simple but effective operating principle. The electric motor drives both the fan blade at the front, to blow warm air, and a small rotary van air compressor at the back. This compressed air is blown through an air atomising / siphon nozzle which sprays fuel in a fine mist for efficient combustion.

The heaters are simple but very effective and will burn a full variety of oil based fuels with easy air pressure adjustment to achieve clean, efficient combustion. The compressor and fuel system are protected by high capacity filters. All service parts are available directly from stock.

The heater includes a variable built-in thermostat for fuel efficiency. Just set it to the temperature you want and the heater will cycle on and off automatically to maintain the desired temperature.

The heaters include safety features including overheat protection and flame out protection and are fully CE approved.


Model: ZMQ-K70
Dims - boxed: 810 x 300 x 420mm
Output: 70,000 Btu / 20 kW
Fuel Usage: 1.9 litres per hour
Fuels: Paraffin, Kerosene, Diesel
Heated Airflow: 210cfm
Transport: Top mount carry handle
Tank Capacity: 19 litres
Power Supply: 220-230V (13 amp)
Weight: 12 kg boxed

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