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MTF 75W-80 Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil-Eurol- 1Ltr

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Product Description

 MTF 75W-80 Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil-Eurol- 1Ltr

Synthetic transmission oil suitable for certain manual gearboxes

Eurol MTF 75W-80 GL5 is a synthetic gear oil, which can be used in final drives and manual transmissions (where GL-5 quality is required).

Eurol MTF 75W-80 GL5 is very well compatible with synchromesh and ensures very smooth shifting even at low temperatures.

Eurol MTF 75W-80 GL5 has an excellent high load carrying capacity for an excellent absorption of sudden peak loads. The viscosity decrease due to heavy loads is only slightly, which will extend oil drain intervals (and in some cases lifetime filling) and ensures proper viscosity.

Eurol MTF 75W-80 GL5 contains special friction modifiers, which ensure sustainable fuel saving and less heat development.

Eurol MTF 75W-80 GL5 ensures adequate lubrication at both very low, as very high temperatures and protects against corrosion, wear, thickening and deposits.

Eurol MTF 75W-80 GL5

is compatible with most elastomers and seal materials and does not foam under extreme loads.




MIL-L-2105 B/C/D


BMW 2300 7533 818

Alfa Romeo


Volvo 97308

VW 501 50

BMW 2300 1434 404

BMW 2300 7533 513

BMW 83 22 0 309 031

BMW 83 22 0 403 247

BMW 83 22 7 533 818

GM/Opel 19 40 182

GM/Opel 19 40 757

GM/Opel 19 40 768

GM/Opel 19 40 776

Ford WSS-M2C200-C/C2/C3




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