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OUR GARAGE - What we do

We have full team of expert mechanic's on hand to cater for your car related needs.

We are a Michelin accredited fitting center and offer high quality work and excellent value for money.



Services we offer

*Tyres - Michelin - BF Goodrich & Kormoran, Great brands at great prices

*EDT - Engine Decontamination Treatment (Removes all carbon from inside your engine)

*Exhausts - Free Fit exhausts

*Shock Absorbers - Brands like Monroe & KYB - Supplied and fitted onsite

*Suspension parts fitted - Brands like SWAG - OE Quality parts supplied and fitted

*NCT Preparation - All NCT prep work carried out.

*4 Wheel Laser Alignment - Latest technology in steering and four wheel alignment

*Air Condition - Re-Fresh, Re-Gas & Repair

*Alloy Wheel Repair - We can weld and straighten alloy and steel rims.

*Clutch Repairs - We supply and fit Clutch systems to any car and light commercial



You bought it. You own it.

You have the right to repair or improve the things you buy. If you want to paint racing stripes on your car, go for it! Ownership means you should be able to open, hack, repair, upgrade, or tie bells on it. Once you’ve paid money for a product, the manufacturer shouldn’t be able to dictate how you use it—it’s yours.

European Union competition law exists to prevent anti-competitive practices and abuse of companies' dominant market positions. But, in recognition of the unique technical complexity of their products, the motor industry has – since 1995 – enjoyed a so called 'block exemption' from some aspects of competition law.

Under the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (BER), the industry was allowed to continue to operate a franchised dealer network, controlling who would sell their products and where they could do so – a selective and exclusive distribution network in the jargon. This wasn't complete exemption though and the BER included clauses protecting consumer rights regarding service and repair.

The BER were introduced in 1995 and then updated at the end of 2002. One specific requirement of the Regulations was that technical data and repair instructions should be made available to the independent motor trade (for which manufacturers could make a reasonable charge) so that car owners were not obliged to take their car to a franchised dealer for service or repair. this also ensured that data was available to motoring organisations like the AA to enable us to fix cars at the roadside.

By the time the BER were next due for renewal in 2010, the new car exhaust emissions regulations had been agreed for 'Euro 5' and 'Euro 6'. These set the limits for a number of exhaust-born toxins, including particulate matter (soot) but also specified that manufacturers must make technical data and repair information available to the independent trade. The EU initially took the view that with access to technical information covered by Euro 5 and 6 Regulations and the motor industry generally working well, there was no need to renew BER.

Right to repair

Unfortunately the Euro 5 and 6 Regulations only guaranteed the availability of technical data and repair information for cars first registered after 2009. There would be no guarantee that the independent trade and motoring organisations could continue to access repair information and technical data for vehicles registered before 2009 if the BER were allowed to lapse.

The independent 'Right to Repair Campaign' eventually succeeded in having the Block Exemption Regulations renewed and improved. This ensured that technical data and workshop procedures remained available.

By securing access to technical and repair information the Block Exemption Regulation helps to:

  • Keep repair costs down
  • Provide security for independent garages and specialists such as auto-electricians, air conditioning specialists and body repairers
  • Ensure you don't have to wait too long or travel too far for servicing or repairs

Servicing a new car

Changes to the BER in 2002 included clauses intended to increase choice when it comes to servicing of a new car. You cannot be obliged e.g. as a condition of warranty, to have your car serviced by a franchised dealer.

Other changes at that time permitted multi-brand showrooms and no longer obliged dealers to combine sales and service/repair – though most have continued to do so.

The work can be carried out by an independent garage as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer's service schedule. Independent garages generally have much lower overheads than franchised dealers so their hourly labour rate is also cheaper.


We offer a Full accurate 4 Wheel Alignment service.

For details and bookings call us on 074 9121174 ext1.


For peace of mind we can arrange extended warranty on all parts.


These terms and conditions cover all the parts and services we provide. By buying form us you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1. All the parts we sell come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. All potential warranties must follow the manufacturers claims procedure. This may vary from company to company.

1.1. All items for claim must be returned to the manufacturers for processing. This can take 3 to 6 weeks.

1.2. All claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt. No Receipt = No Claim.


Any advice given by AutoFastFit staff draws on their qualifications and personal experience, and is given in response to the specific circumstances in question. Such advice is given on the basis of best practice and good faith, the company cannot therefore be liable for any action or inaction in response to such advice.


Prices quoted are estimates and actual costs may change if any incidentals accrue during the process of carrying out your repairs. It is always our intention to provide our customers with a premium product at a competitive price.


Auto Fast Fit will not be responsible for any item that may break on your vehicle while carrying out general repairs. From time to time due to ageing parts and components the process of replacing some parts may cause additional parts to be required. This cost will be solely on the owner of the vehicle. 


Call for details 074 9121174