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At AutoFastFit, we pride ourselves in only keeping the best brands and brands we trust.

Auto Fast fit have been selling AutoGlym, Simoniz, T-Cut and Son of a Gun products for many years. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction these brands have proven to be our best sellers.

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We know how passionate you are about your car. We also understand how good it feels to stand back and admire a deep glossy finish.

We invest countless hours developing our products in our state of the art laboratories. 

We test hundreds of raw materials and blend them together to make truly effective, easy to use products that do exactly what they are supposed to time and time again. 

We partner with key vehicle manufacturers and racing teams to ensure product compatibility on all existing and emerging automotive finishes. 

We strive to continually better ourselves and improve as our customers and technical partners set us new challenges that we thrive on solving.

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Simoniz has 100 years' experience in developing quality products that really work. All of the products in our new Protection range have been extensively tested in our laboratories to ensure we deliver our very best in car care inside and out.

Combines high gloss with a sunscreen to restore luster to your car and help protect surfaces from fading.

The unique polymer silicone formula of SON OF A GUN!® Protectant penetrates surfaces to shine and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic. SON OF A GUN!® helps protect surfaces from fading and cracking by reducing ultraviolet light, while bringing out color and restoring luster and shine. It also protects against abrasion.


  • Restore luster, leaving a deep gloss shine
  • Reduce ultraviolet light that can cause fading and cracking




Diamond Celebration 1954 - 2014Tetrosyl Group is 60 years old and that means the iconic T-Cut brand is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary. To signify this milestone we commissioned an original 5ltr Tin to be encrusted with Swarovski Diamond Crystals by Shirley Sinclair of Crystallized By Request. The delicate work took 75 hours to apply 26,000 crystals to create this stunning masterpiece.

Peter Schofield Chairman of Tetrosyl said ....

After 60 years and tens of millions of Tins sold T-Cut is so iconic its virtually a verb, to remove scratches or clean paintwork most people say " Just T-Cut It " that's why we say it's the Cream of Britain.

In these days of manufacturing decline in the UK we are proud to have been producing T-Cut in Bury, Lancashire since 1954 and will continue this tradition for generations to come to ensure we are very much a part of British Heritage and history. Tetrosyl is a Private and UK owned company.

T-Cut (originally known as Tetrosyl Cutting Oil) has been used for cleaning and restoring the original colour back to cars since 1954. The magic of T-Cut has been passed down through generations of families and is not just used to remove scratches and restore paintwork but is also found to be the essential cleaner for diversified professional uses such as antique restoration including pianos and other fine musical instruments.