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Michelin EV Tyres


Do electric cars need special tyres? How to choose the best tyres for electric cars? we are here to help. First, what you need to know is that Electric car tyres have to cope with extra vehicle weight, rapid acceleration (torque), no engine noise and battery drain.

Fitting your EV with the best electric car tyres ensures you get optimal performance from your vehicle in terms of range, longevity (mileage), silence in the cab, driving experience and safety (1). You know what? All MICHELIN tyres are suitable for EVs.


Experience with confidence the full potential of your high performance electric vehicle.

Inspired by MICHELIN Formula E racing heritage, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tyre delivers confident handling, with a 15% increase in cornering stiffness[2] even at high speed[1]. Enjoy long-lasting wet grip[3][4], thanks to ElectricGrip Compound with a high stiffness centre profile for efficient torque transmission. Drive the full potential of your high performance electric vehicle in summer.

Support the environment without sacrificing driving excitement [5].

Do your bit for the environment with an eco-designed sports tyre made to last. MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV features MaxTouch Construction to maximize road contact, evenly distributing forces of acceleration, braking and cornering for long-lasting tread life. Drive for longer[6] without sacrificing driving fun and support the environment.

Spirited driving with longer journeys[6].

Drive for longer in your high performance electric vehicle with 60km (37 miles) of additional range[6] from the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tyre. GreenPower Compound on the tyre shoulders and a thinner top belt with less raw materials combine to improve battery range.

Enjoy the sounds and reduce the noise[7].

Enjoy a 20% reduction in perceived noise level[7] with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV. Featuring Acoustic Technology to reduce or dampen noise resonance. Listen to music not road noise on your drives.