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Tow Bar for Isuzu Trooper 1992 to 2001

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Now: €85.00

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Product Description

Tow Bar for Isuzu Trooper 

1992 to 2002 Models

 A brand new Flange Ball Tow Bar

About Brink

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a hundred years. Thanks to our core values of innovation, ease of use and safety, we have grown to become a global market leader in designing, producing, testing and selling flanged balls, fixed, detachable and retractable towbars with vehicle specific wiring kits. Brink is the perfect partner for both leading car manufacturers, professional fitting company and for you, the consumer. Thanks to this position, we have as many as a thousand different towbar models and wiring kits in our collection, develop over two hundred new types every year, and currently have about 25 million vehicles worldwide driving around with our towbars.


At Brink, your perfect fit is the key experience and starting point for our work. Whether you want to go on holiday with a caravan, take a boat for a spin or enjoy some fresh air on a bike; we enable you to lead an active life. We do this by providing you with the perfect connection between your car and the vehicle you want to attach to it. Whether it is a bike carrier, caravan, horsebox or boat trailer, you will start on your road to moments of relaxation and freedom with a sense of ease and safety with our towbar and wiring kits.

Ex works

Brink supplies to virtually all car manufacturers and is therefore able to deliver matching tow bars for new cars immediately after their introduction. Our cooperation with the car manufacturers is highly comprehensive. As early as the design phase of the car, Brink actively follows the production process and offers input to the car manufacturer.
The specialists of Brink Towing Systems are working on tow bars that perfectly fit your car already two years before it goes into production. These and more have made ‘Quality’ into a key word at Brink Group BV.

Did you know?

  • Brink cooperates with almost all major car manufacturers and develops customized tow bars for every single car?
  • The European tow bar coupling is not allowed in the United States and vice versa?
  • Brink annually produces around one million tow bars?
  • Brink tow bars meet all the quality standards you can find?
  • The use of detachable tow bars has increased significantly in recent years?
  • Brink has opened its own new test centre in 2010, where tests can be done in accordance with the latest and most stringent standards?

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