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265 65R17 Michelin Latitude Cross XL 112H

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Now: €158.00
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Product Description


Michelin Latitude Cross XL 112H

The multi-purpose 4X4 tyre with the traction of an off-road tyre, the comfort of an on-road tyre and excellent mileage

Reliable, anywhere

The traction & resistance of an off road tyre 
The aggressive shoulder design and the large number of biting edges of the "Mud Catcher" tread pattern give excellent traction on loose and slippery surfaces.
Based on technologies used in Michelin earthmover tyres, the "Terrain Proof" compound is highly resistant to gravel abrasion.

Comfort, On & Off the road.

The curved tread block arrangement has been specially designed to ensure that the tyre and the road make contact progressively.
A large number of different sized and spaced shoulder blocks allows quiet running.

Excellent Mileage,

The Michelin Latitude Cross delivers long tread life, worthy of the reputation of Michelin tyres, without sacrificing any of the on and off-road performance that makes it unique.
The “Terrain-Proof” compound of MICHELIN Latitude Cross is derived from earth mover tyre technology where abrasion with stones and gravel accelerates wear.
The “Terrain-Proof” compound enables both on and off-road driving and resists wear in difficult driving conditions, in particular:
• in multi-purpose use, e.g. stone/gravel tracks.
• with heavily laden vehicles, e.g. towing a horsebox.
• in hard road driving (hard braking, acceleration or cornering).


Global rating based on 451 reviews  - 4 out of People who would recommend this tyre: 93%