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Tow Bar for Volvo V50 fits 2004 to 2012 models.

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Product Description

Tow Bar for Volvo V50

04/2004 to 2012 Estate models.

 The Bosal 033521 Standard Swan Neck Towbar is the most popular type of tow bar sold at the moment, due to its looks and easy use for trailers, caravans and cycle carriers. The Towball is integral with the car and cannot be removed without the use of tools. It uses tried and tested technology of the highest standard. The electrics are usually mounted underneath the bumper and not on the side like flange tow bars.

  • Part Number: 033521
  • Max Weight: 1600kg
  • Vertical Load: 75kg
  • Fitting Time: Up To 1.5 Hours
  • Towbar Type: STD Swan Neck
  • Bumper Cut: YES (Visible)
  • Bumper Remove: YES
  • EC 94/20 Approved: EC1966

Which Electric Kit Do I Need?
If you are only using the tow bar for a trailer or caravan then you will need a single electrics kit (12n)

If you are towing a caravan with the refrigerator running then you will need a double/twin electrics kit(12n & 12s).

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