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Glow Plug Brush Cleaning Kit - Laser 6646

Was: €315.00
Now: €280.00

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Product Description

Glow Plug Brush Cleaning Kit

The 6646 kit has been designed to offer an effective and efficient glow plug aperture cleaning solution. When glow plugs require replacing, it is best practice to properly clean out the glow plug aperture within the cylinder head, particularly around the area of the glow plug heater element, threads and sealing area to ensure the glow plugs seal correctly and can be properly torqued down. Failure to do so has been proven to dramatically reduce the service life of the new glow plugs

Additional Information

  • Six patented German manufactured brushes constructed using a special twisted core to prevent damage to internal engine parts and driven with a patented brush holder.
  • Supplied with 4 extra-long German manufactured taps. Suitable for M8, M9 M10x1,M10x1.25 apertures
  • Includes a flexible quick chuck screw drive and quick chuck extension for use in a drill (4500rpm Max.)
  • No unwanted removal of metal from the cylinder head or deformation of sealing surfaces.
  • Use taps with Tap Wrench Laser 6000 or Laser 6002 (available separately)


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