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Towing ByPass Relay Wiring Kit 13 Pin

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Now: €89.00

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Product Description

13 Pin Towing Interface Module Wiring Kit
By-Pass Relay Electrics Kit Complete
This 13 Pin Towing Interface module prevents any faults on the towed units road lights system damaging the vehicle's road lights system by the incorporation of current clamp technology.
The Towing Interface module is designed to switch power directly from the towing vehicle's battery/alternator, to the towed unit's road lights using very small signals from the towing vehicle's road lights system, without the towing vehicle's check control sensory systems being adversely affected. The Towing Interface module includes a built in audible device (and C2 output pin) which buzzes when the towed unit's directional indicators operate.
multiplexed bulb failure, digital controlled lighting
dual function/complex low voltage lighting systems

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