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Battery Charger 12v 4amp GYSFLASH Automatic Charger

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Product Description

GYSFLASH 4A 12V Battery Charger


• The GYSFLASH 4A (UK) is an automatic charger designed to charge or maintain
12V batteries (liquid or gel). It is powerful, compact, light and water proof.
• Ensures an automatic charge up to 100% without supervision. Ideal for lawn
mowers, bikes, cars, vans, boats, trucks, etc…
• Charges from as low as 1 volt.
• Examples of use: Charger for car/bike 12V battery, Maintenance/wintering,
Battery recovery (for sulphated 12V batteries)
• Protection for on-board electronics of your car – Protection against short
circuits/ polarity reversals/ overvoltage Anti-spark system
• Adapted to marine application, it doesn’t create any galvanic current (current
which electrolyzes the water and
corrodes the hull).
• Specic charge for cold temperatures

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