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Detachable Tow Bar for Mazda CX-7 | Fits 2006 - 2012 models

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Product Description

Tow Bar for MAZDA CX-7

2006 - 2012.

Excl. vehicles with spring suspension.

Vertically detachable 

The ultimate vertical detachable tow bar system that is suitable for the highest D-values due to its three-ball locking mechanism. The system is easy to use and has an advanced design. Detachable tow bars can easily be removed when not needed, leaving the line of the car as the designer intended. The detachable tow bar also has practical advantages – it doesn’t obscure low mounted number plates or catch on clothing when not in use.

 This tow bar comes complete with all the fittings you will need to fit it to your vehicle, The only thing you will need to add to this tow bar kit, is the electrics.  

All our Mazda tow bars are protected from corrosion by a high quality paint finish.

  • Part Number: M-031
  • Max Weight: 1800kg
  • Vertical Load: 100kg
  • Fitting Time: Up To 1.5 Hours
  • Tow bar Type:Detachable
  • Bumper Cut: Yes
  • Bumper Remove: YES




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