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Ford Focus II TDCi Front Brake Pads & Discs 2005 to 2011 | 300mm x 25mm

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Product Description

Full Set of Front Brake Discs & Pads

Ford Focus 2005 to 2011

1.8 & 2.0 TDCi models

(Discs Size V300 mm)

Brake Disc Specification.

  • Height [mm] 48 mm
  • Brake Disc Type Vented
  • Brake Disc Thickness [mm] 25 mm
  • Minimum thickness [mm] 24 mm
  • Diameter [mm]300 mm
  • Number of Holes 5
  • Centering Diameter [mm] 64 mm
  • Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm] 108 mm
  • Code: BMD2210

Brake Pad Specification.

  • Size A: 156.4 x 67.2 x 18
  • Size B: 155.2 x 62.5 x 18
  • Chamfers: 4 chamfered pads
  • Back Laminations: 4 back laminations
  • Back Springs: 2 back springs 53mm
  • Brake System: Teves
  • Code: BMP1415


Fitting Instructions:


  1. Always Fit discs in pairs to ensure balanced braking
  2. Always fit new brake pads along with disc
  3. Always clean the disc before fitting. Apec discs are coated with a anti-corrosive which, if not removed, will contaminate friction material which could impair braking efficiency.
  4. Always ensure bearing are correctly aligned and adjusted.
  5. Always check run-out with a dial gauge, run- out exceeding the manufacturer’s tolerance may cause vibration and brake judder.
  6. Avoid violent braking during the first 100-200 miles to allow pads and discs to bed in correctly. This helps achieve optimum braking.


OE Numbers:

1223664, 1223666, 1253964, 1253965, 1323560, 1373370, 1520297, 1321517

Please know your size before your order. If your unsure we can check it for you.