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G3 Wind Deflector Volkswagen Polo 2 Door 1995- 2 Piece

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Product Description

 G3 Wind Deflector Volkswagen Polo 2 Door 1995- 2 Piece

Wind deflectors are very easy to fit and don't require any specialist tools.  In some cases, additional clips may be included with in-channel deflectors depending on what model of vehicle you have. Clips secure the deflectors in place when the window channel is too wide for the deflectors to have a snug fit. If your deflectors didn’t come with clips, do not worry; your vehicle does not require them. After successful installation of your new wind deflectors, we recommend leaving your windows in the closed position for at least 24 hours to allow the rubber seals to mold around the deflectors.

A set of Front Wind Deflectors/ Rain Guards with a sleek and aerodynamic design that make a great addition to any vehicle. They offer a practical solution to in-cabin wind noise and rain while maximizing airflow throughout the vehicle.



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