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Glow Plug Aperture Cleaner - 8/9mm - Laser 5547

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Product Description

Glow Plug Aperture Cleaner - 8/9mm

When replacing glow plugs it is necessary to clean the glow plug aperture to ensure the new glow plug can transfer its heat to the engines incoming air

Additional Information

  • M9 glow plugs are specific to Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall, Fiat and Saab engines. Application list available.
  • Clears carbon deposits prior to fitting glowplugs.
  • Cleaner tip designed for 8.9mm glow plugs with 5mm diameter tips.
  • Required to ensure new glow plugs effective operation.
  • Made in Sheffield.

Many diesel engines suffer from seizure of the glow plug (diesel heater plugs) within the cylinder head. This is partiality due to carbon entering the glow plug bore. When glow plugs require replacing, it is best practice to properly clean out the glow plug aperture within the cylinder head, particularly around the area of the glow plug heater element tip.

This new Glow Plug Aperture Cleaner from Laser Tools (part no: 5547) is suitable for M8 and M9 apertures (M8 glow plugs fit many Peugeot/Citroen, Fiat, Ford/Jaguar and Mercedes Benz applications, M9 glow plugs are specific to Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall, Fiat and Saab engines — an application list is available) and simply screws into the glow plug threads and quickly reams out any unwanted carbon from within the bore which assists with the installation and effective operation of the replacement glow plugs. The tool is made from quality materials in Laser’s own manufacturing plant in Sheffield and is designed to last.

Supplied with two guide bushes (M8 x 1.00 and M9 x 1.0) these are adjustable on the cleaner shaft to suit many applications.


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