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Lexus IS200 Front Brake Discs & Pads Set

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Product Description

Set of Front Brake Discs & Pads


Lexus IS200 Mk1 1999 to 2005

All GXE10 Models


Brake Disc Specification 

Disc Thickness: 32mm
Disc Type: Vented
BrakeFit: SDK6184                            
Centering Diameter: 62mm
Diameter: 296mm
Min. Thickness: 30mm
Qty Mounting Holes: 5
Height: 51mm

 Brake Pad Specification 

Chamfers: 4 chamfered pads
Height 1: 63.8mm
Length 1: 144mm
Manufacturer Restriction: Sumitomo
R90 Code: 90R - 01704/003
Spring Indicators: 2 spring wear indicators
Thickness: 17mm

Our discs are produced to fine tolerances and exacting specifications, for uniform thickness and hardness, and easy fitting. Using only high quality materials ensures that all the discs we sell will effectively withstand constant heating and cooling, and are highly resistant to warping.

Our brake discs are available across a wide range that not only includes modern cars and LCVs, but also older vehicles from the 1960s onwards. 

For optimum braking performance, we recommend you also fit new pads when fitting new discs. All our discs and pads are covered by our 12Y12K guarantee.

All our brake discs are produced in modern factories to exacting performance standards that ensure they are direct replacements for OE parts. They are tested to homologation protocols, which cover not only braking performance over a range of temperatures and pressures, but also disc integrity, thermal cracking and DTV (disc thickness variation)

Our coated discs are made to match OE standards. So where the original discs have coated hubs and edges, Our discs have them too. But when it comes to the friction surface, we stop – so there’s no coating to contaminate the pads and reduce their efficiency.

Our coated disc range matches OE applications and also includes other models, especially those where the hub is visible through the wheel.

Fitting Instructions:
1. Always Fit discs in pairs to ensure balanced braking
2. Always fit new brake pads along with disc
3. Always clean the disc before fitting. Apec discs are coated with a anti-corrosive which, if not removed, will contaminate friction material which could impair braking efficiency.
4. Always ensure bearing are correctly aligned and adjusted.
5. Always check run-out with a dial gauge, run- out exceeding the manufacturer’s tolerance may cause vibration and brake judder.
6. Avoid violent braking during the first 100-200 miles to allow pads and discs to bed in correctly. This helps achieve optimum braking.

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