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LUK Dual Mass Flywheel Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi '04...

MSRP: €465.00
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Now: €385.00
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Product Description



FORD FOCUS 2.0 TDCI '04...



LuK supplies systems and components for the modern automobile's powertrain to customers all around the world to the same first-class standards in technology, quality and delivery. LUK design and development team match products to the special requirements of the vehicle and transmission manufacturers as a matter of course.

Due to its regular usage the clutch begins to wear after time, and is better to replace before it is too late. A high quality clutch is recommended to help prevent clutch slippage, which can potentially mean a lack of engine power where the clutch cannot transfer the engines full potential.

OE Numbers:

  1381794, 1468703  , 1508663 , 1563367, 6G91 6477 CB  , 6G91 6477 CC  , 6G916477CB , 6G916477CC  , 8V41 6477 DA , 8V41 6477 DB , 8V416477DA ,8V416477DB , 96 611 851 80, 96 644 721 80 , 9661185180 9664472180 , 30725305 , 30725309 

Part Numbers:


DMF255, WG1445940, 836223, QDF180, 

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