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Power Start PS700 12v Booster Pack

Was: €465.00
Now: €399.99

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Product Description

Power Start PS700 12v Booster Pack

is our most popular unit for multiple starts on 12V vehicles. As used by the UK’s leading recovery operators.

Voltage 12v DC Battery 22Ah

Cranking Amps 700 ( The maximum current that can be drawn from a battery during cranking for a specified period of time, at a specified temperature and to a specified end of discharge voltage)

Peak Amps 1600 (The absolute peak instantaneous current measured during a discharge into the equivalent of a short circuit)

Cable clamp fully insulated

Cables 25mm x 0.8m (longer length available to order 1.8m)

Polarity Warning,Spike Protection, Main switch, Charger automatic 2

Formerly MB700 Megaboost



Reverse polarity warning reduces the risk of wrongful connection

Spike protection circuits reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle on-board electronic systems

On/Off isolator switch enables a safe connection due to non-live cable clamps and also avoids unintentional short circuit

700 cranking amps

1600 peak amps

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