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Tow Bar for Toyota Landcruiser 3 Door J125 2003 to 2009

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Now: €195.00
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Product Description

Flange Ball Tow Bar 

for Toyota Land Cruiser 3 Door - J125

Fits 2003 to 2009

This flange ball type tow bar is suitable for all normal and heavy duty towing and is therefore recommended for all car types, commercial and off road usage. This tow bar comes complete with all the fittings you will need to fit it to your vehicle, The only thing you will need to add to this tow bar kit, is the electrics. 

All our tow bars are protected from corrosion by a high quality paint finish.
Symbol of the hook T-165
Ball type E
Homologation e4 download PDF
Disassemble the bumper Yes
Cutting the bumper Yes
Power and D [kN] 16.3
Cut off R [kg] 2800
Max vertical load S [kg] 115
Lifting weight [kg] 10.1
Assembly time [h] 2.0
Type of beam WUD-05

Which Electric Kit Do I Need?

If you are only using the tow bar for a trailer or caravan then you will need a single electrics kit (12n)
If you are towing a caravan with the refrigerator running then you will need a double/twin electrics kit(12n & 12s).



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