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Tow Bar for Volkswagen Transporter Fits 2003 to 2015 Models - Flange Ball Style

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Now: €169.00
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Product Description

Tow Bar for VW Transporter 

Fits models from 2003 to 2015

Flange Ball Style Tow Bar 

Look no further for a high quality, weather coated and durable Tow Bar for your Volkswagen Transporter here at Auto Fast Fit we supply, two very popular brands in towing for a variety of car makes and models.

We also supply a wide range of electrical kits, so you have everything you need for you tow bar.


ORIS is one of the leading manufacturers of tow bars in Europe – we have the right technology to suit every vehicle and application. Our market-leading product are innovative.

Whether for leisure activities or for business, ORIS has the right towbar for you. We also manufacture electrical kits for your car, ensuring a secure, bespoke connection to your vehicle’s electronics.

Product Specification: 

Weight [kg]: 16
D value [kN]: 14,2
Max. Towing weight (kg): 2800
Max.vertical pressure (kg): 120
Rear bumper cutting: No
Rear bumper removing: Yes
Ball: A
Ball type: Unscrewed
Approval: e20


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