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Trade Valet High Foam Wash -Car Plan- 5 Litre

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Product Description

CarPlan CFW005 Trade Valet Hi-Foam Wash Active Foam Shampoo 5L

The revolutionary CarPlan Trade Valet Hi-Foam Wash is the only product that creates a dense snow foam by hand washing & pressure washing alone. The active formula effortlessly removes all traces of traffic film, dirt and grease.



Active Foam Shampoo
Pressure wash or bucket
Effortlessly removes dirt grime from your vehicle paintwork
Ease of application


To Hand Wash: Rinse off loose dirt with cold water. Pour 50ml of Hi-Foam Wash into a bucket then add clean, warm water. Apply Hi-Foam Wash all over car starting at the top. Agitate Foam Wash using a sponge or car wash brush. Rinse using clean water. Dry with chamois or microfibre cloth for shine.

To Jet Wash: Rinse off loose dirt with jet washer. Add Hi-Foam Wash to the detergent section of your jet washer. Apply Hi-Foam wash using high foaming jet washer attachments. Rinse off with clean water. Dry with chamois or microfibre cloth.


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