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VB35 SMOG Doctor | All System Cleaner 300 ml

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Product Description

VB35  SMOG Doctor


The latest addition to the Smog Doctor range is an innovative cleaner.  VB35 is highly efficient at dissolving bitumen, sludge, lacquers and varnishes which are the “dirt of crude oil”. This dirt is hidden in oil, petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas LPG and even in natural compressed gas NCG.  VB35 arrives by blending the concentrates of various of our cleaners under high pressure (HPB) obtaining an extraordinary strong molecule which can be used as a sole cleaner for petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG injection systems. It can also be used for all lubrication and hydraulic oil systems and for cleaning the dismounted FAP/DPF filter along with the oil dirty cooling system.

The extreme pressure lubricants guarantee protection to those parts which are subjected to friction and the added surfactants help to eliminate humidity and water from the fuel tank. * This product is not recommended for use on carburetor engines or old diesel engines with a sole mechanical pump without lift/transfer pump. VB26 is suitable for these applications. *

The new VB35 cleaner replaces many products for fuels, for oils and for particulate filters. Less products means less confusion, less stock with less inventory and above all having available the right product at the right moment.

1) Injection Cleaning

  • 1a Petrol engine
    First treatment: add the contents of one can of the VB35 cleaner and one of the VB26 to a minimum of 5 litres of petrol already contained in the tank. Drive the vehicle as usual. Further treatment requires one can of VB35 added every 15,000 km to a minimum of 5 litres which is already in the fuel tank.
  • 1b Diesel engine
    First treatment: add the contents of one can of the VB35 cleaner and one of the VB26 to a minimum of 5 litres of diesel already contained in the tank or fill the new fuel filter with the VB35 cleaner. Drive the vehicle as usual. Further treatment requires one can of VB35 added every 15,000 km to a minimum of 5 litres of diesel which is already in the fuel tank or fill the new fuel filter with the VB35. Drive the vehicle as usual.
  • 1c LPG / Petrol engine:
    At each service inject with the ‘GAS PUMP’ 75ml of the VB35 cleaner into the lpg-gas tank and pour the rest into the petrol fuel tank.
  • 1d NCG / Petrol engine:
    At each 60,000 km inject with the ‘GAS PUMP’ 300ml of the VB35 into the injector rail.

2 Water elimination
VB35 eliminates water from the whole petrol, diesel and lpg injection system by micronising the drops and covering them with EP lubricants. The fuel pump and injectors are then “EP protected” and the humidity/moisture is then eliminated during the combustion process.

3 Anti freeze protection
Thanks to the elimination of the moisture and the contribution of some of the VB35’s components, the freeze point of the diesel fuel is lowered by 5ºC. VB35 also improves the cold start of lpg engines.

4 Lubrication cleaning - oil flush
At each service add the contents of one VB35 to 4-6 litres of the old oil in the engine. In case of any doubt or in the case of notable deposits of black sludge if may be necessary to double or treble the dose of VB35. Run the engine for approx. 10 minutes but the longer the better and for extreme cleaning run for half an hour. In order to clean the hydraulic valve lifters raise the rpm above 1000 for short periods during this time. Drain and replace oil and _x005F_x005Ffilter

5 Cleaning gearbox, abs & power steering
Add the contents of one can of VB35 to 4-6 litres of the old oil in the system to be cleaned. Drive the vehicle for 10 minutes. Drain and replace oil and filter.

6 Cleaning transmission
Add half a can to vb35 to the old oil. Drive the vehicle for about 10 minutes putting it thought all the gears. Replace the oil and _x005F_x005Ffilter. The traces of VB35 remaining are compatible with the seals in the system and will add only 1%of the total oil and will not alter it’s viscosity. VB35 saves time and money by doing away with expensive cleaning machines.

7 Cleaning cooling system
Flushes oil and grease from the cooling system. After the repair, the cooling system with clean water and run the engine up to operating temperature. Add the contents of one can of VB35 to the water. Run the engine on high revs for a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes. Drain and flush with clean water. Repeat if necessary.

8 Cleaning FAP/DPF filter and catalytic converter
Removes soot from the blocked FAP/DPF filters and catalytic converters. Remove the filter. Tap the bottom. Pour half a can of VB35 into a 2 litre bottle and then top up with water, shake and pour mixture into the filter. Shake the filter and allow the VB35 at least 30 minutes (the longer the better) to soften and dissolve the deposits. Shake and empty the filter into the waste oil container. Prepare another mixture and repeat the procedure filling the filter from the opposite end. Wait at least four hours. Rinse out the remaining deposits from the filter with clean water.

9 Cleaning air conditioner
VB35 easily dissolves oil and moisture deposits. Inject 50 - 100ml of VB35 into the low pressure gas circuit of the air conditioner and run the system at maximum Cold for 10 minutes. Remove the refrigerant gas and dry the circuit with compressed air.

10 Other uses
VB35 can also be used to remove asphalt from the paintwork of the vehicle but only if it has a clear coat. Contact us for more uses.

Usage frequency
The VB35 is normally used at each service interval. By cleaning the engine lubricating system and the fuel injection system regularly, fuel consumption and emissions will be kept to a minimum. The engine oil will remain cleaner and thus protect the engine better and longer. On all other systems the VB35 is used as a problem solver.

MOTOR BIKES AND SCOOTERS: Add 150 ml. to 5-15 ltr. of petrol CARS AND LIGHT COMMERCIALS: Add 300 ml. to 5-65 ltr. of petrol or 0-65 ltr. of diesel fuel. TRUCKS, BUSES AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINES: Add 900 ml. To 0-400 ltr. of diesel fuel. In the case of severe problems double the dose.

Harmful components
VB35 is considered harmful in the case of ingestion and inhalation. It is furthermore an irritant to the eyes and skin and toxic to the environment as it is not easily biodegradable.

Putting a Viton rubber O-ring from a fuel system into 100% pure VB35 cleaner for any time desired can show that there is no adverse effects. Recommended engine tests as follows: Black smoke, pm5, pm10, O2, NOx, HC, CO, CO2 and any other emission related parameter. Compressions Horsepower and torque Fuel consumption.

Side effects
VB35 is 100% compatible with all metals, plastics and rubbers used in any kind of fuel or oil system of any type of internal combustion engine. A known “inconvenience” is that due to the emulsification of water in the fuel tank of an old carburetor engine or an old non-turbo diesel the fuel filter may block. Therefore the usage on fuel systems is recommended for electronic fuel injection systems equipped with of transfer / delivery fuel pump. Another “inconvenience” is wet spark plugs in the event that VB35 is added to less than 5 litres of petrol. By adding more fuel to the tank this “inconvenience” is avoided.

Combined treatments
VB35 can be used along with VB26 and added to the same fuel, with the VB35 added to the oil and VB45 sprayed into the air intake. Each will enhance the cleaning performance of the others.



1 Review

  • 5
    Smog Doctor is the only product to restore engines

    Posted by Adam on 24th Sep 2020

    I've been using smog doctor a few years now on various cars, both petrol and diesel. I have to commend them on their products. I use vb27,vb35 & vb45 all in conjunction. I problems before with injectors in a diesel. The car would chug if it was given any throttle due to very bad diesel blocking the injectors. This went on for a week until I threw in vb35 and within 5 minutes of driving, gone. Chugging completely gone. I've used the vb27 for NCT emissions. The NCT emissions compared to before i started using Smog Doctor and after are amazing. The emission levels are now below 1% of the threshold. I'm seriously not joking. Finally I use the vb45 on my Turbo diesel and my high mileage throttle bodied petrol. My turbo diesel, which has nearly 130k miles the turbo inlet fins look brand new by spraying this directly into the turbo as a 2nd person rev's to spool up the turbo. On the Petrol. the butterfly valve on the throttle body had a significant amount of carbon deposits and general dirt from seeing 230k miles. I sprayed the vb45 on and around the throttlebody intake and it almost imeadiately restored the brassy shiny of the valve, the vb45 is suppose to clean the intake plenum, intake valves and combustion chamber when used in this manner also but i havent taken apparent the top half of the engine to inspect. So yes long winded review but i stand by all the Smog Doctor products for engine restoration without having to start taking things apart.

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