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Bardahl Freeze Spray 400ml


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Product Description

Bardahl Freeze Spray 400ml 

A rapidly evaporating propellant mixture for reducing surface temperatures. It will freeze small parts in seconds to -45°C, excellent for shrink-fitting bushings, pins, shafts and for electronic trouble shooting.

The problem: Defects in electrical circuitry such as overheating and similar faults are in many cases difficult to locate. Bardahl Freeze Spray will localize these defects easily.

Sometimes it is necessary to cool soldered joint connections as quickly as possible.

The action: Bardahl Freeze Spray is also developed for shrink-fits and it will accelerate the production of Freeze-cutting in micro-technology. Further use can be found as a highly effective chewing gum remover.

Bardahl Freeze Spray can also be used to cool down motorparts to simulate a cold start.

It is most effective to test fuel-injection systems, and temperature-sensors. Bardahl Freeze Spray will accelerate the cooling of soldered joint connections.

It can also be used to freeze water in small bore pipes to effect a repair avoiding the necessity of system drainage.Bardahl Freeze Spray rapidly reduces the temperature of electrical components such as semi-conductors, resistances and capacitors.

The product will evaporate completely, therefore no II needed. It will not burn or support combustion.

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