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Tailored Seat Covers for Ford Custom 2012 to Present

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Now: €229.00
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Product Description

Premium Tailormade Seat Covers


Ford Custom 2012 to Present

1 Seat + 2 Seats - (3 Seater model)

  • Perfect Fit
  • PVC & Woven Design
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Lasting
  • Extremely High Quality
  • Made in Sweden

If you're looking for the best quality  seat covers on the market then look no further. Our new range of tailored seat covers  are a perfect fit high quality brand. 

Stark NG is an upholstery for commercial vehicles with extra high wear resistance.

Seating surfaces are in a woven fabric combined with a matte black artificial leather.

Material: middle fabric in woven fabric.
Side parts in artificial leather
Washing 30˚ C for mild washing program.
Never use alcohol-based cleaners on artificial leather.

This seat cover is a 1 + 2, so it fits your main Drivers Seat and your Double Passenger Seats with ease.

Protect your van with the highest quality seat covers on the market. 

Non-stretchy fabrics
- Martindale value against wear up to 196.000
- Flame retardant in accordance with VCS 5031.19 - Certified Oeko-tex standard
- Artificial leather certified Reach

Tailor made solutions

There might be a need for protection of the seats in a vehicle. Dirty working cloths, tools, etc, and high frequency of usage, wear hard on the upholstery. When the original seat cover is under tough conditions, it gets dirty and maybe also tears apart, the padding in the seat may even be destroyed whereby both comfort and value of the vehicle will decrease.

The solution is tailor made seat covers, mounted in the vehicle preferably when the vehicle is brand new. In addition to the protective effect our seat covers frequently improve the interior look of a vehicle. There are many different types and designs of seat covers in our portfolio.

We develop customer and vehicle specific solutions for the OEMs, all according to the specifications and needs from our customer as regards material, design, function and other requirements.

CalixKlippan solution:
• High quality protective seat covers and materials, not a solution in stretchy fabrics.
• The protective seat covers are measured according to every vehicles unique chair. Every chair

model is developed with individual specific mounting solutions.



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