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AIR HAMMER - LASER TOOLS 6031 - Professional Quality

Was: €201.72
Now: €151.29

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Product Description




 Air hammer professional quality

Additional Information 

  • Variable speed trigger
  • Built in power regulator
  • Quick change chuck
  • 2200 blows per minute (bpm)/ stroke length 98mm
  • Air hose size 3/8" ID, air inlet size 1/4 BSP, average air consumption 4.0cfm
There are numerous uses for an air hammer, probably too many to list, but once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you did without it. This new air hammer from Laser Tools (part no: 6031) brings professional quality at a very affordable price.

With a range of optional attachments snapped in to the quick-change chuck, the Laser air hammer can be used to cut sheet metal, making light work of removing rusty or damaged panelwork and floorpans. The air chisel attachment will quickly remove rusted-on exhaust pipes, drift attachments will remove stubborn or seized door hinge pins (or even valve guides in cylinder heads) in seconds and ball joint separator attachments will pop off a track-rod end quickly and easily. Seized bearings, brake discs and brake drums will soon submit to the vibrating hammer action, and the tool can even be combined with an impact driver to remove stubborn screws and fasteners.

The 6031 air hammer has a built in power regulator and a variable speed trigger. It works smoothly while delivering up to 2200 hammer blows per minute and makes efficient use of the compressed air supply with an average air consumption of just 4 cfm.


Attachments also available from Laser Tools:

6032: Impact ball joint separator set

6061: Air chisel set

6064: Impact driver

6097: Air hammer drift set

For further details, please contact the Marketing Department: 01926 818196




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